Over 50 foam formulae including Viscoelastic (memory) foam, available in over 40 m blocks and fully customizable to match virtually any customer specifications including density/weight, elasticity, and rebound.

CMattress foam is precision poured for consistency and comfort, digitally cut (convoluted cuts available), fully cured, and lab-tested for quality and low/zero emissions of volatile organic compounds to ensure.


We produce mattresses in any combination of foam and spring, according to customer specifications. CMattress products can be manufactured with Bonnell or Pocket springs, depending on desire and item configuration. 

All CMattress springs are made in-house using a selection of assembly machines sourced from around the world. We choose the best function-specific units from the best manufacturers to ensure consistent quality and long life.


Our mattresses begin as raw materials. Foam and springs are constructed and sewing/quilting performed on-site in our factories to guarantee an exact match to customer specifications. Strict quality control ensures 99.9% consistency in every order, regardless of size.

CMattress's roll-packing helps international customers reduce shipping costs on even the largest mattresses. We have the capacity to produce over 4 million mattresses per year.


Automation and climate control ensure our 134,000 m2 storage facility maintains finished units in pristine condition until orders are complete and ready to fulfill. Since all CMattress products begin as raw materials (wire, foam ingredients, fabrics, etc.), we're able to closely control quality at every phase of the manufacturing process.

We can use customers' preferred carrier or connect you with our own partners to ensure fast, economical shipping to the point of pickup anywhere in the world.


CMattress is one of the only mattress and furniture manufacturers in the world who performs the level of strict testing we demand. Our labs perform meticulous tests on every material we use and on every finished product that leaves our facilities. This goes well beyond standard density/weight, elasticity, rebound, spring, and stress testing. We perform over 50 tests, including volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to deliver perfect, scentless materials and products.

All of our in-house lab test results are duplicated and verified by an independent third party.

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